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Take advantage of our experience! We are familiar with many areas of industry and commerce, and can provide solutions and ideas that will get your supply chain moving.

We offer solutions for the following industries


When it comes to logistics in the automotive industry, rapid response times, fast gear changes and extreme efficiency are all called for. With our solutions you will be in pole position right from the outset, and will expand your lead with each lap.


Fulfillment and e-commerce

The future is online, and the underlying logistics are key to success in the growing e-commerce market. With our fulfillment, transportation and information logistics solutions you can shine in the online world.


IFS - logistics for foodstuffs

We love cleanliness! The especially strict requirements for quality and hygiene when handling foodstuffs are not to everyone's taste. We have many years' experience of dealing with foodstuffs, and therefore both suppliers and retailers are happy to place their trust in us.


High-tech logistics

High-tech consumer goods are a consumer magnet. Whatever is new, faster, easier and better should never gather dust in a warehouse! We will transform your supply chain into a high speed one with maximum transparency and efficiency.


Medicines and pharmaceuticals

We are a reliable partner to the medicine and pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to certified hygiene standards and individual transport solutions, both highly sensitive medical devices, medical supplies and urgent medicines arrive safely and punctually in clinics and hospitals, and ultimately with patients.


Our Expertise

You place your trust in us and we develop intelligent logistics solutions for you – on time, reliably and safely.