CCI Potsdam honors TOP training companies

It was only a matter of time before the Rieck headquarters near Berlin catches up with Neuss, Kavelstorf and Ottendorf-Okrilla and is honored for its outstanding work with young talents. This is an absolute premiere and has never happened before. So it's no surprise that well-known representatives from politics and business insisted on being part of this special award - despite Corona, but with safe distance. This includes: Ines Jesse (State Secretary Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport / MBJS), Kornelia Wehlan (District Administrator of the Teltow-Fläming district), Tobias Borstel (Mayor of the Großbeeren community), Peter Heydenbluth (President, IHK Potsdam).


“Nowadays companies have to come up with a lot when it comes to winning the brightest minds for themselves and creating attractive training positions. Therefore, we are more than pleased about the recognition and especially about our committed trainees - they are the future of our company ”, says Philipp Strenge, managing partner of the Rieck Logistics Group. He thanks all employees who are involved in training process and promoting the next generation on a daily basis. It doesn't work without all of them.


Representative for the ambitious Rieck trainees, Damaris-Catharina Kruppa, Viktoria Köhler and Celine Wolf accepted the congratulations and awards and talked about their start of training at Rieck; the different departments that they went through during this time, the special Corona challenges this year and the strong solidarity in the company.


Kathrin Vogt, who is responsible for the young staff and training within the Rieck Logistics Group, together with the responsible divisional managers, also played a key role in this success story. She is not only the main contact for all trainees (more important than ever in times of Corona), she also initiated all the necessary steps at the CCI Potsdam. “The application for the TOP training company for our Großbeeren headquarters was completely new territory for us. Thanks to active support and a lively exchange with the experienced colleagues from the other Rieck houses, the process ran smoothly and without any complications, ”says Kathrin Vogt.


Since 2003, the CCI Potsdam has honored exemplary training companies every three years. The award ceremonies take place in the respective company with representatives from politics and business in the summer of this year. Up to six training companies will be honored with prize money of 500.00 euros as well as a trophy and a certificate for recognition as a “TOP training company”.


You can read more on this topic in the upcoming autumn edition of our Rieck Aktuell.

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