Press release: Netherlands - TANDEM acquires SMART Logistics

Published 25.10.2023

Rotterdam, 25th October 2023. TANDEM Global Logistics B.V., with its shareholders Rieck Logistics Group, CH Powell Company and Azuma Shipping Co., Ltd., and with its registered office in Rotterdam, has acquired SMART Logistics B.V., a company with registered office in Amsterdam that also specialises in airfreight and sea freight, retroactively as of 1 January 2023. The company will now operate under the name TANDEM Smart Global Logistics B.V. The transaction doubles the number of employees, with shipping volumes rising rapidly. As the European hub of the TANDEM network, TANDEM Smart will continue to be expanded.


From January 2024, the firm will be headquartered in Amsterdam, with employees of both companies moving into the offices of SMART Logistics at Schiphol Airport. The aim is to further expand and strengthen the branch at Europe’s largest port, Rotterdam, as a sea freight hub and the branch at Schiphol Airport in Amsterdam as an airfreight hub.


Several employees of SMART Logistics in the Chinese city of Xiamen have joined TANDEM Rieck Global Logistics Ltd.. These employees will continue to work closely with TANDEM Smart.


Succession assured and a young team in place

The previous Managing Director of TANDEM Global Logistics Netherlands B.V., Joep Stijns, will retire during the course of this year, accompanying the merger until year-end. In July 2023, Raymond van der Veld, previously the majority shareholder and CEO of SMART Logistics, was appointed Managing Director of TANDEM Smart B.V. He will be supported by Edwin van Heek, the new Operations Manager at TANDEM Smart B.V., who was also previously a shareholder in SMART Logistics.


“With this transaction, we have found the perfect solution to the succession question – and a young and motivated team of some 30 employees is now in place,” explains Philipp Strenge, Managing Partner of the Rieck Logistics Group.

Portfolio strengthened – with new opportunities

By virtue of the transaction, the portfolio has been noticeably expanded, especially in airfreight. “In terms of imports, we have increased airfreight volumes fivefold and will be able to offer customs handling in-house, on request even at weekends,” says Philipp Strenge. “We have doubled airfreight volumes in the export segment.”


The lion’s share of consignments come from China and the United States. SMART Logistics, and now TANDEM Smart B.V., organises freight forwarding by road for these goods. “We see considerable potential in the development and expansion of our warehousing and transport operations, as we possess knowledge and capacity in this area,” notes Philipp Strenge. “But our TANDEM operating company in China will also benefit from the transaction – and has just renewed its IATA licence.”


The transaction will also result in 30 per cent growth in sea freight container volumes. This area was still in the early stages at SMART Logistics and will be expanded considerably thanks to the expertise of the TANDEM company.


Europe, Asia, the US: benefiting from global trade

“Whether Europe, North America, East Asia or Southeast Asia, we operate our own companies at the major global trade hubs and form part of a sophisticated network with our partners,” says Philipp Strenge. “By expanding our capacity at the world’s key hubs, we are bolstering the TANDEM network while ensuring that the Rieck Logistics Group also benefits from global trade flows.”


A group of independent logistics companies – including providers of airfreight/sea freight services and sophisticated logistics solutions for global supply chains – have been cooperating under the TANDEM umbrella brand since 2007. The network spans more than 80 countries, comprising 200 offices and some 2,500 employees.