Dear customers,


due to the spread of the corona virus, each of us faces new challenges every day. Based on the manual "Company pandemic planning from the Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Relief", we have established emergency scenarios.


The hygiene measures recommended as part of the "corona crisis" were installed early in our company. As a result of these measures, as things are today, we can say that we currently have hardly any restrictions in day-to-day business.


However, due to governmental restrictions, such as entry restrictions or quarantine measures and due to the current pandemic dynamics, we would like to point out that there may be delays and restrictions in daily business in the coming days and weeks. Please coordinate the feasibility of the transport service with all parties involved (freight forwarder, warehouse keeper, recipient etc.) before placing the order and pay attention to new state restrictions or official orders.


Please inform us if there are any acute sick people in your household. In this way, you help to make good use of all available capacities and to ensure that our on-site delivering, constructing and moving employees continue to be healthy and at your service. We thank you on behalf of the entire Rieck team.


We can also assure you that we use all resources to ensure the best possible day-to-day business in order to keep delays as low as possible. You can find further information and current findings on the new corona virus on the website of the Robert Koch Institute.


Your Rieck logistics team