Press release: Rieck supports Jugendhof Brandenburg

Published 18.01.2024

Gro├čbeeren, 18.01.2024. The partnership between the Rieck Logistics Group from Gro├čbeeren near Berlin and Jugendhof Brandenburg began today with the handover of a cheque for 4,796.00 euros. The first goal: the purchase of a new therapy horse.


Jugendhof Brandenburg is a special place for young people who need support: The teenagers live in residential groups with family-like structures. They not only receive pedagogical and educational support, but also have a fixed and meaningful daily structure thanks to their work on the organic farm. Curative education support with a therapy horse for social and psychological personal development rounds off the offer.


"It is important to us as a company to take on social responsibility - especially in the region in which we live," says Gunnar Jung, Managing Director of the Rieck Logistics Group. "The Jugendhof concept is unique and has completely won us over: the young people are offered a wonderful environment in which they are supported in their development in the best possible way and given suitable opportunities to contribute their skills."


Sports club with heart

For two years now, Rieck has been supporting charitable initiatives with the sports lessons (converted into a donation) of the virtual Rieck Sports Club. In 2022, the sports lessons completed by employees generated a donation budget of almost 3,700 euros. Now the company would like to accompany and support a HERZENSProjekt with the Jugendhof Brandenburg in the future.


As a first step, the logistics specialist is helping to purchase a new therapy horse. In close consultation with the Jugendhof, it will then be clarified what further help is needed. However, the partnership is intended to go beyond mere donations: "It's particularly nice that colleagues can also get personally involved in voluntary work such as helping with the harvest or building stables," emphasizes Gunnar Jung. "This creates a completely different connection to the Jugendhof."


The partnership also hits home at Jugendhof: "A huge thank you to Rieck for supporting our young people in their development and fulfillment," says Gudrun Klinner, Managing Director, Jugendhof Brandenburg. "We are delighted to have the support of this partnership for our projects."